Privacy Policy

DESIGNART Executive Committee (“the project office”) complies with the following policy to manage and deal with personal information appropriately.

1. Collection of personal information

When collecting personal information the project office will inform respective individual of the purpose of use of such information. We will use such information only to serve the said purpose upon agreement by the respective individual.

2. Use and provision of personal information

When the project office uses collected personal information with some process/alternation for making it unidentifiable or unspecific with approval of the respective individual the project office will use such information only for the pre-defined purpose unless otherwise required to provide by the authority.

3. Appropriate management of personal information

The project office will take all possible measures to ensure that the collected personal information will be accurate and kept up-to-date and prevented from leakage, loss, destruction, tampering and illeagal access.

4. Supervision of contractor

The project office will ensure to compel outsourced contractor(s) to strictly manage entrusted personal information as a part of contracted operation and supervise the outsourced contractors accordingly.

5. Confirmation and/or revision of personal information

In case a respective individual requests for disclosure of his/her own personal information, the project office will check the request and respond as appropriate. In case a respective individual request for the revision of existing information as it is contrary to the fact, the project office will investigate and respond to the request appropriately.

6. Compliance and improvement of the system of personal information protection

The project office will comply with Japanese laws and guidelines regarding the protection of personal information and ensure that above clauses are reviewed and the system of personal information protection is improved as appropriate.

Purpose of usage of personal information

The project office will use the given personal information as necessary in order to inform about the festival as well as to respond to inquiries.


DESIGNART Executive Committee General Contact

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