Risa Murakami / Japanese painting at AREA Tokyo


  • DATES:10/22~10/31
  • OPERATING HOURS:11:00 – 19:00
  • LOCATION:1F 2-10-28 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku
  • SELLING PRICE:130,000~1,000,000

Risa Murakami ; her current style of Japanese painting is mainly inspired by the Japanese nature, especially water surface She aims to combine the traditional techniques of Japanese painting with
modern interior design.



Risa Murakami

Risa Murakami was born into a family of Japanese style painter in Kanagawa, Japan and received
an early start on the painting. In 1993, she decided to study in the U.S.A. at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After returning from the U.S.A.she studied at Musashino Art University and also she became a pupil of Horin Fukuonji.She is a member of Nihon Bijutsuin,INYU.


AREA Tokyo

Using genuine materials with authentic techniques, we make furniture for your space and life. Especially, wall storages have a high functionality, high durability, and high customizability. Designing by the millimeter, you can use the space as much as you can. Also, softness and dimension customizable sofa, natural wood dining table and original chair collection are iconic items. We opened the first oversea brunch in Paris in 2019.