De Castelli at athalie


  • DATES:10/22~10/31
  • OPERATING HOURS:10:00 – 18:00 *closed on 10/24
  • LOCATION:6-6-25 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku
  • SELLING PRICE:3,000,000~4,000,000

Barista ….The bar, a much-loved place and symbol of sociability, enters the house, bringing with it emotions that epitomise the Italian lifestyle. Barista is a compact mobile bar with a sculptural volume, characterised by a ribbed effect comprising natural copper rods of differing diameters which create an irregular texture and give life to a soft play of light. The upper surface, also in natural copper, is slightly lower than the perimeter, thus making it useful for resting and serving drinks. The mobile bar opens like a book. Wave….With its essential shapes and gentle, sinuous sense of movement, Wave suggests a renewed, more conscious focus on the ritual of arriving home. The project reinterprets a quintessential piece Asian furniture: the shoe bench. Its humble function as a furnishing complement is ennobled and transformed into a welcoming element, suitable for gracing even the most sophisticated of interiors. The micro architecture, designed with simple, flowing forms, is produced using solid natural copper which plays with curves, solids and voids. The vertical wave-shaped wall in perforated copper lends lightness to the volume and adds a touch of refinement to the sculptural form, accompanying those who enter.


De Castelli

De Castelli was founded in Italy at the end of the 19th century as a blacksmith. when the fourth generation Albino Celato became CEO, with the cooperation of skilled craftsmen with abundant knowledge of metal, the unknown area of manufacturing graceful metal furniture Boldly advanced to. This metalworking know-how is based on the excellent production technology that has been passed down for four generations. Therefore, the beauty of De Castelli is sophisticated art itself.



The select shop athalie exists as a place where the sensibilities of four women who have trained their aesthetics for four generations since 1928 come to fruition. Not just a place to suggest outfits to our customers, but jewelry in season mode that reflects Japanese antiques, Japanese orthoses, elegant chinoiserie to mid-century furniture, and feminine urban nuances. With pride and respect, we will deliver a dynamic sensibility that fuses modernity with that traditional aesthetic sense.