Photo by Sinichi Ichikawa

RESONANCE MATERIALS Project at ars gallery


  • DATES:10/22~10/31
  • OPERATING HOURS:11:00 – 19:00
  • LOCATION:ARS Omotesando, 5-13-1, Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku
  • SELLING PRICE:300,000~1,500,000

Through the art creation that focuses on materials in our project RESONANCE MATERIALS Project, we re-examine the physical perceptions of weight, size, touch, light, vibration and etc., which are dilute experiences for us living in this era. We will consider what visitors moved in our exhibition, and explore the value of sensibility for people to live their life as rich and emotional. We set various artists who are particular about materials with different themes every year, and we’d exhibited in Milan Design Week 2018 and 2019. Today at DESIGNART TOKYO 2021, two artists will present their artworks with the theme “INVISIBILITY”. One is Yohei Chimura, whose main expression material is a lump of glass, and another is Hitomi Usui, who has studied woodworking and has recently expressed with plants. With the theme “INVISIBILITY”, we attempt to diversify the meaning of existence, and to expand the visitor’s perceptible world. Please enjoy our artworks and feel the switching between consciousness and unconsciousness inside of you. [ RMP Official Site ]


Yohei Chimura

Completed a doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015. Chimura has been interested in various phenomena that are guided through heat rather than creating something. He presents three-dimensional, flat, installation and performance works using glass, metal or heat-melted plastic. 2021 ”NORTHERN ALPS ART FESTIVAL 2020-2021” (Shinano-omachi), 2019-2021 ”Ai Mi Tagai” (Tokyo×London), 2019 “≠The World” Solo Exhibition (Chiba City Foundation of Cultural Promotion)

Hitomi Usui

Graduated with an MFA in Woodworking from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010. With an imagination of the Wood Age in prehistoric times, she focuses on the human gaze at nature and the activities that are born out of this relationship, her work attempts to historically interpret human behavior towards plants. 2017 achieved ”TOKAS Exchange Residency Program Creator”, 2021 “Ai mi Tagai 2021” YOUKOBO Art Space, 2019 “DenchuLab. where trees grow, where people come” Denchu Hirakushi House & Atelier


By using our facilities and artistic skills, GEIDAI FACTORY LAB (Tokyo University of the Arts) collaborate on various types of projects with organizations outside of our lab. Our goal is to research the value of creation from different points of view and share our discoveries with the community.

WOW! lab

You are impressed with your very personal feelings. That is what we call “KANDO”. In today’s world where diversity is called for, we carefully scoop up and visualize unique thoughts and optimize them for social meaning and effects … We contribute to the formation of a rich and emotional society.


ars gallery

ars gallery