Y.S.M PRODUCTS designed by SALTCO & akii| Lighting that illuminates your moment. at hotel koe tokyo


  • DATES:10/22~10/31
  • OPERATING HOURS:11:00 – 20:00
  • LOCATION:3-7 Udagawacho, Shibuya
  • SELLING PRICE:15,000~30,000

We are a lighting company located in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.
The concept of our manufacturing is to Lighting that illuminates your important moment.
We would like to propose products that enrich people’s lifestyles, such as making family conversations and smiles more pleasant, making food and drinks taste better than usual, and making people feel more at ease.
We would be very happy if people all over the world could use our products to enrich their daily lives.
The designs are by SALTCO and akii.
We are working together with two sets of designers to create creative products.




Y.S.M PRODUCTS designed by SALTCO & akii

Our company was founded with the objective to design and fabricate lighting fixtures that delight and excite.
Our team works with various lighting designers throughout Japan to perform everything including the ideation, design, production, and assembly.
This is our strength – we take pride in having the finest illumination technology, and the teamwork to make this possible.


hotel koe tokyo

hotel koe is a hotel designed with a global perspective focusing on Now and Tomorrow and on Japan and the World, as a spot embodying New Basic for New Culture, the brand concept of the lifestyle brand koe. Pivoting on the three keywords Stay, Fashion and Music & Food, its fusion of the ordinary with the extraordinary generates new experiences and culture.