Steelcase / Workplace Solutions Inc. | Work Better – Hybrid Workplace at Steelcase | WSI WorkLife Tokyo


  • DATES:10/22~10/31
  • OPERATING HOURS:10:00 – 17:00
  • LOCATION:4F Kowa Hiroo building, 5-2-32,Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku
  • SELLING PRICE:50,000~2,000,000

It’s time for an experience that’s fundamentally better: The pandemic has impacted our workstyle. The remote work experience has caused people to rethink what they want and expect from their workplaces. There’s never been a better time to reset the places and the way they work to create a fundamentally better work experience. Steelcase has conducted science-based global research to understand the impact the crisis has had on work, workers and workplace. Based on the results of the research, we have reproduced our live-showroom space to the Hybrid Workplace to introduce how future working spaces and ways of working should be transformed. You will be able to experience a safe and compelling way of working where workers are connected anytime, anywhere and interacted each other to create unity and creativity. During the DESIGNART period, we will hold seating trial sessions for Steelcase ergonomic chairs. Come experience our wide variety of ergonomic chairs that have been developed based on our insight lead design approach. We will be showcasing the Gesture chair, which feature our 360°armrest tailored for proximity with our technology devices, the world’s best-selling Leap chair, and more. Steelcase ergonomic chairs help relief physical stress and supports long hours of seated work. Please take this opportunity to experience a task chair which is perfect for you.





For over 109 years, Steelcase Inc. has helped create great experiences for the world’s leading organizations, across industries. We demonstrate this through our family of brands – including Steelcase, Coalesse, Designtex, Turnstone, Smith System, Orangebox and AMQ. Together, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of architecture, furniture and technology products and services designed to unlock human promise and support social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Workplace Solutions Inc.

WSI started as an authorized dealer of Steelcase, world’s largest office furniture manufacturer. Our biggest strength comes from the benefits of being a dealer.
In accordance with the different needs of our clients, we incorporate exquisite solutions and products, from Steelcase as well as other brands, to create a most conducive office together. Things that we can do because we are a dealer.
These are the basics of WSI.


Steelcase | WSI WorkLife Tokyo

Steelcase | WSI WorkLife Tokyo is designed as a human-centered workplace to support the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of workers based on Steelcase’s latest research into the workplace. It is designed to illustrate how space can amplify the performance of individuals, teams and companies. This is a live showroom where you can feel the inspiration for “the future of work and the office” through collaboration spaces integrated with the latest technology and the experience of a wide variety of world-class ergonomic chairs.