The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has restricted the communication between people, territories and countries and created a new divide. But at the same time, the urgency to evolutionize existing concepts has created opportunities for us to return to the basics and search for the new creatives.

From the loneliness we experience during the pandemic, to the moderation in pollution rates due to declining economical activities, we learn yet again that we are life forms with socialites, we born and revive amongst cycles of all sorts, and we continuously influence one another.

"DESIGNART TOKYO" has contributed to the creation of new art, design, business and societal cycles by connecting creators, organizations and venues across different sectors and countries.

After the great reset, people have increasingly realized the importance of proactively connecting with their neighborhoods, societies and the globe. That is why we believe now is the chance to start ""Co-Circulation"".

At this conference, we have invited those who have boosted the society and environment using art and design. We want this to be the starting point to extending the cycle in ""Co-Circulation"" and bridge towards action in the future.


「Architecture and Urbanism in Post-COVID Age That Bridges to Paris 2024」Japan/Asia time|10.25mon18:30-20:00(JST)
Europe time|10.28thu21:00-22:30(France time)
「Japan x Taiwan! Share New Language to Discuss Asian Design.」10.26tue18:30-20:00(JST / CTT 17:30-19:00)
「Art is Lifeline. Will the Democratization of Art Happen in Japan?」10.27wed18:30-20:00(JST)
「Sustainable Manufacturing Through Craftsmanship and Technology」10.28thu18:30-20:00(JST)

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※SESSION1:Japanese / French
※SESSION2:Japanese / Chinese

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SESSION1 and SESSION2 were recorded at Espace images, Institut français du Japon - Tokyo




Architecture and Urbanism in Post-COVID Age That Bridges to Paris 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of the architecture industry as well. Architect Kengo Kuma, who was engaged in design of the National Stadium, and Dominique Perrault, who is in charge of new urban design for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, will discuss the outcomes that public architecture brings to the cities and civic lives in the post-COVID age.

Co-Organize:Institut français du Japon


  • Kengo Kuma
  • Kengo Kuma / Architect

    Born in 1954. Before establishing Kengo Kuma & Associates in 1990, Kengo Kuma received his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Tokyo, where he is currently a University Professor and a Professor Emeritus. Having been inspired by Kenzo Tange’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium, built for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Kengo Kuma decided to pursue architecture at a young age, and later entered the Architecture program at the University of Tokyo, where he studied under Hiroshi Hara and Yoshichika Uchida. During his Graduate studies, he made a research trip across the Sahara, exploring various villages and settlements, observing a unique power and beauty. After his time as a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University in New York, he established his office in Tokyo. Since then, Kengo Kuma & Associates has designed architectural works in over thirty countries and received prestigious awards, including the Architectural Institute of Japan Award, the Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award (Finland), and the International Stone Architecture Award (Italy), among others. Kengo Kuma & Associates aims to design architecture which naturally merges with its cultural and environmental surroundings, proposing gentle, human scaled buildings. The office is constantly in search of new materials to replace concrete and steel, and seeks a new approach for architecture in a post-industrial society.

  • Dominique Perrault
  • Dominique Perrault / Architect, Urban Planner

    Dominique Perrault was selected in 1989 to build the Bibliothèque nationale de France, a building that is now considered a monument in the architectural heritage of the 20th century. Internationally renowned, he has realized numerous innovative and large-scale projects, such as the Berlin Velodrome and Olympic swimming pool, the Ewha Women's University in Seoul, the last two extensions of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the Olympic Tennis Center in Madrid, or more recently the Paris Longchamp racecourse. Considering architecture as a discipline intrinsically linked to urban planning, Dominique Perrault has notably worked on the urban future of the Ile de la Cité in Paris and is currently developing the Athletes' Village for the 2024 Paris Games. Honorary professor at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, he is also a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts.


  • Yoshiyuki Yamana
  • Yoshiyuki Yamana / Architect, Art Historian, Professor of Tokyo University of Science, Department of Architecture

    Born in 1966 in Tokyo, Yoshiyuki Yamana graduated from the Department of Architecture at Tokyo University of Science (TUS) in 1990, and worked at Koyama. Receiving a scholarship for foreign students from the French government, he studied at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville and obtained obtain a degree in architecture (DPLG). He then obtained a doctoral degree from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. After being trained at the Henri Ciriani Atelier, as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ overseas training program for artists, he worked as a contract lecturer at the Ecole d'architecture, Nantes, the Archives de France, and the Institut français d’architecture. He began working at the Department of Architecture of TUS in 2002.



Japan x Taiwan! Share New Language to Discuss Asian Design.

Asian Design is a growing movement in Japan and Taiwan. Dr. Chi-Yi Chang, President of the Taiwan Design Research Institute, and Johnny Chiu, who is the founder of J.C. Architecture and the deputy president of APSDA, with a Japanese Product Designer Keita Suzuki under the facilitation of Ryuko Kida, ELLE DECOR Brand Director, will discuss what it will take for Asia to have its own design narrative without being constrained by the Eurocentric outlook on design, and will also share Taiwan's design strategy.


  • Chi-Yi CHANG
  • Chi-Yi CHANG / President of Taiwan Design Research Institute

    Chi-Yi CHANG is the current President at Taiwan Design Research Insititute,Board Member of the World Design Organization,and Professor at the Graduate Institute of Architecture at the National Chiao Tung University,Vice Chairman at Xue Xue Foundation,CEO at Taitung Design Center. He was Deputy governor of Taitung County Government. Previously Vice President for General Affairs in National Chiao Tung University,the director of the Graduate Institute of Architecture in National Chiao Tung University and the director of A+@ Architecture Studio, he has published several books including Contemporary Architecture: the Concept of Aesthetic, European Charm: New Architecture, and Contemporary Architecture of North American in Focus. He received his Master in Design Studies (MDes) from Harvard Design School in 1994 and his Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) from Ohio State University in 1992.

  • Johnny Chiu
  • Johnny Chiu / Architect, Founder of J. C. Architecture

    Graduated from Columbia University. He lived, worked, and taught in more than six countries. He believes in the idea that a good design should be inspired from the individual. Society and the interaction between human and space are also integrated into the design work.

  • Keita Suzuki
  • Keita Suzuki / Product Designer, PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER

    Keita Suzuki embarked on his creative journey initially sparked by his grandfather being a collector of Asian art and antiques. Fusing function and beauty, he has designed various products from everyday household items to a train carriage, has developed new materials, and has led creative directions. In 2018, he held Line by Keita Suzuki exhibition at the Yanagi Sori Design Memorial. Among the awards he has received is ELLE DECOR Young Japanese Design Talent 2020. He served as the youngest jury member of the Good Design Award from 2015 to 2017.


  • Ryuko Kida
  • Ryuko Kida / ELLE DECOR Brand Director

    Brand Director for Elle Decor Japan, previously Editor-in-Chief for nine years. Drawing on her international network, Ryuko Kida has reported from the world’s most prominent design scenes—including Tokyo, Milan, Paris, Shanghai, Miami and Scandinavia. Her former positions include vice editor-in-chief of Madame Figaro Japon and editor-in-chief of magazine Pen (both published by CCC Media House Co., Ltd., formerly Hankyu Communications Co., Ltd.), followed by editor-in-chief for Elle Decor Japan from December, 2005. Since July 2014, she has held her current position, ELLE DECOR Brand Director.



Art is Lifeline. Will the Democratization of Art Happen in Japan?

In Japan, people still shy away from art because of the feeling of self-conscious, and it is lamented that the scale of the market has not been expanding. However, due to the expansion of COVID-19, it made the world realize once again how art has been supporting us spiritually and create richness in our minds. As German Chancellor Angela Merkel threw a question before, what should we do to realize that art is our lifeline in Japan as well?


  • Kyoko Hattori
  • Kyoko Hattori / Phillips Auctioneers Japan Regional Director

    After working for a foreign-affiliated consulting firm and in the investment fund industry, Kyoko Hattori launched the Phillips Japan office in Tokyo as a regional director in 2016. With a focus on the field of contemporary art, she has handled auctions as well as private sales, and has contributed to building the brand image of Phillips in Japan, and has managed customer acquisition and sourcing of artworks. Hattori has been collecting artworks herself for 15 years, and her favorite pastimes include visits to art museums and galleries. She graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

  • Takayuki Ishii
  • Takayuki Ishii / Taka Ishii Gallery Owner

    Born in Tokyo in 1963. After studying painting in Los Angeles, USA, Takayuki Ishii started his career as a private art dealer. On June 25, 1994, he opened Taka Ishii Gallery in Otsuka, Tokyo, to establish a place for introducing contemporary art trends. The gallery’s first exhibition, Larry Clark’s “Tulsa, Teenage Lust, Photo Collage, and Video” received an enormous response and became the catalyst for the gallery meeting Nobuyoshi Araki. Since his first solo exhibition with the gallery “Obscene Photographs: Marvellous Tales of Black Ink and In Praise of Public Hair” held in 1994, the gallery has presented 27 solo exhibitions of Araki’s work. In 1995, the gallery published Imitation in conjunction with Daido Moriyama’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, launching its publishing business. The gallery has now published over 50 titles. In the latter half of the 1990s, the gallery was the first to introduce the works of foreign artists such as Jack Pierson and Christopher Wool in Japan. In 2000, it presented a solo exhibition by Doug Aitken comprising a video piece, which was still rare at the time. From a unique and international perspective, Taka Ishii Gallery has organized, for a quarter century, a diverse exhibition program featuring artists working in varied media and at different stages in their careers.


  • Teiya Iwabuchi
  • Teiya Iwabuchi / Editor in Chief of Bijutsu Techo Magazine

    Born in Yokohama in 1975. After graduating from Keio University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1999, Teiya Iwabuchi became editor-in-chief of Bijutsu Techo Magazine and has held his current position since 2019. In addition to launching the online version of Bijutsu Techo and an online art store called OIL by Bijutsu Techo, he has been involved widely in the art scene, serving as a jury member for juried art exhibitions and a speaker at arts events.



Sustainable Manufacturing Through Craftsmanship and Technology

The act of "creation" is an activity in the ecosystem, where resources are extracted from the earth and living things, manufactured, and produced. At the same time, it is an act that circulates not only the economy but also social activities. Now that this cycle is being distorted, what can we do to redesign it to a sustainable creation? We will look into the power of creativity expanded by manual techniques and technology.


  • Keisuke Toyoda
  • Keisuke Toyoda / Project Professor at Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, noiz, gluon

    Born in 1972, Chiba, Japan. Work experience included Tadao Ando Architect & Associates (1996- 2000), SHoP Architects (2002-2006, New York). Keisuke Toyoda founded noiz with Jia-Shuan Tsai in 2007, based in both Tokyo and Taipei. Kosuke Sakai has joined since 2016 as a partner. Warsaw office opened in 2020. In 2017 Toyoda co-founded gluon with Mitsuhiro Kanada, a consulting and advisory firm on the issues about Common Ground. He served as an advisor for EXPO 2025 OSAKA venue design for bidding (2017-2018). He founded and now serves as a vice chairman for Architectural Informatics Society (2020-) and advisor for Osaka Common Ground Living Lab (2020-). Toyoda has joined the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo as a Visiting Professor, then promoted to a Project Professor and vice chair of the Center for Interspace by October, 2021.

  • Jin Kuramoto
  • Jin Kuramoto / Product Designer, JIN KURAMOTO STUDIO

    A Japanese designer who established JIN KURAMOTO STUDIO INC. in 2008. Born and raised on a small island in the countryside, Jin Kuramoto loves fishing and people a lot. He designs all kinds of product such as furniture, home appliances, house wares, and everyday items with his belief that the form of things all tell a different story. He values the process of repeat trial and error, touching materials, listening their voice, prototyping on a studio full of inspiration, and making positive accidents. His work has won a lot of international awards, including the Red Dot Award “ Best of the Best”, and the iF Product Design Award.


  • 塚田 有那
  • Arina Tsukada / Editor, Curat, Whole Universe

    An explorer in new fields of Art & Science. Founder of The Whole Universe Association since 2018. With a diverse professional background, Arina Tsukada is known for her participation as the director of the Sound Art project “See by your ears”, led by a sound artist Evala, as well as for being the editor in chief of the Art & Science online magazine “Bound Baw” since 2016. She continues to explore new worlds of possibilities through an interdisciplinary approach. Using art and science, and her multidisciplinary background, she has organized multiple conferences, exhibitions,  media-productions, and the other spectacular events. She is also the author of the books “Art Science is (2018)”, co-author “Information Umwelt - Guidebook for playing between AI and human body(2019).”