“KURADASHI” is a unique project that exhibits and sells valuable works by designers and creators. 

Jin Kuramoto as a curator, talked about his thoughts on the works. 

Jin Kuramoto values the process of repeating trials and errors, touching materials, listening to their voice, prototyping in a studio full of inspiration, and making positive accidents. “Most prototypes are unsuccessful, but there is a 1% correct answer in them. The prototype is a seed of ideas that contain the designer’s will and hopes. So many creators don’t throw them away and keep them in a safe place.” He was born and raised in a small island in the countryside, he loved painting and people a lot. Many adults understood his talent and personality and guided him to become a designer. He explains his belief, “for me, design is communication itself. It’s also a tribute to society that have guided me to the right path.”
The archetype of glass jag called “Vannfall”, exhibited this time, is one of his prototypes treasured in his office. It reflects the accumulation of Kuramoto’s careful manual work during his creation process. “KURADASHI”, curated by Jin Kuramoto, is a rare opportunity to see creators’ initial ideas. 

Photos: Taku Shindo 





Japanese designer who established JIN KURAMOTO STUDIO INC. in 2008. He designs all kinds of product such as furniture, home appliances, housewares, and everyday items with his belief that the form of things all tell a different story. His works have won a lot of international awards, including the Red Dot AwardBest of the Best, and the iF Product Design Award. 



KURADASHI the archetypes

KURADASHI the archetypes


KURADASHI is a creative market with new ideas that connects with the creator’s thoughts by delivering it to users who sympathize with its value. We will exhibit prototypes of works created by designers and creators, as well as treasured works that were sleeping in atelier for various reasons and sell them at crowdfunding “Ubgoe”.


Ryota Akiyama,  Keiji Ashizawa,  Tomoko Azumi, Anker Bak,  Satoshi Itasaka/h220430,  we+,  Victoria Wilmotte,  Øivind Slaatto,  Gabriel Tan,  Wataru Kumano, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Jin Kuramoto,  GELCHOP,  Fumie Shibata, Sho Ota,  Gen Suzuki, Yusuke Seki, Daniel Rybakken, Norihiko Terayama,  DRILL DESIGN,  Jo Nagasaka/Schemata Architects, Shigeki Fujishiro,  Baku Maeda, Yoshiki Matsuyama,  mina perhonen,  Daisuke Motogi,  Teruhiro Yanagihara,  Kazuhiro Yamanaka,  YOY,  Ryohei Yoshiyuki 


All the items are available for purchase on ubgoe