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AXIS, which is engaged in spreading outstanding design to our society, provides spaces in the AXIS Building for young designers to exhibit their works. The designers express their unique design world inside the AXIS Building.


Hamid Shahi : *UNDER-30
Already featured in numerous medias, Shahi’s new work Pulse, which is inspired by the structure of trees and the way light penetrates a forest canopy, will be on show the 1st basement floor.

The original experience which moved human’s heart lives in NATURE. They try to expand NATURE to create an entrance for the impressive experience that suddenly appears in daily life through this work. The courtyard, where the atriums are produced dynamically, will change into a place of experience during the exhibition.

DraadD :
They will exhibit works developed from materials under the theme “Views Of Nature” in the hallway of the 2nd and 3rd floor. In today’s rapidly changing world, They will consider the attraction of human creation through experimental processes.

M&T : *UNDER-30
They created this light displayed on the 4th floor at JIDA Design Museum after carefully observing materials, things don’t have form including humidity, light and running over hypothesis and test cycle.


  • Hamid Shahi
    Azman Design
    Hamid Shahi is an Iranian-born Canadian designer from Toronto, that works across a wide variety of fields. He studied Masters of Architecture at Carleton University in Ottawa. He has previously earned his Bachelors of Design at OCAD University in Toronto.
    He is known for his experimental stance, which allows his intuition to run freely during the design process. With a passion for collaborating with others, his works has been recognized by magazines such as Dezeen and designboom.
    Experience design

    We, HAKUTEN hold “Communication Design®” as our corporate philosophy, and design a “place” where people meet and an “experience” created there.

    As our business domain of “Experience Marketing” that provide a new “experience value” as such emotion and experience in marketing activities of enterprises, we provide communication developments and integrated marketing solutions.


  • DraadD

    DraadD is a design guild in which creators from various fields participate in each project and build connections without fixing members. “DraadD” means that people are connected and joined like a thread. With an experimental approach and innovative material usage, It draws out beautiful phenomena and exciting expressions of substances. We propose new value of things from the perspective that is not bound by existing technologies and concepts.

  • M&T
    Product designer

    M&T is a design unit by Miyu Ikeda(1993) and Takuto Kurashima(1992). Besides working at a product design office, he actively participates in exhibitions and competitions.


  • AXIS Inc. was founded in 1981 with the aim of “Realizing a life and society with design.” Utilizing our abundant knowledge and wide range of network, we are engaged in spreading outstanding design in our society based mainly on the following:

    1. Dissemination of information on latest design such as publication of design magazine AXIS .
    2. Promotion of lifestyle with design such as management of AXIS Building.
    3. Providing design solutions such as market research for companies and organizations.

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