Toyooka Craft x Flavien Delbergue

at Omotesando Hills Main Building B3F Space O

area: 表参道/Omotesando



exhibition dates:Oct 27th – Nov 3rd
hours:11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
address:4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
artwork price:6,000 – 24,000


Combining the finest craftsmanship of Toyooka Craft and the good design of Flavien Delbergue, Hako collection is a set of wooden storage. Playing on different levels and based on the kumiki technique, this timeless collection offers a wide variety of combinations to store multiple purposes in the modern home.


  • Flavien Delbergue
    Product designer

    Flavien Delbergue is a French designer based in Paris. He designs daily life products and furniture taking as a starting point the observation of know-how. He collaborates with craftsmen, manufactures and industries in France and Asia (Japan, China), to develop a new range of modest products.

  • Toyooka Craft Co., Ltd.
    Wood-working manufacturer

    Toyooka Craft Co., Ltd. is a wood-working company founded in 1969 in Hamamatsu, that took over the production of music instruments for YAMAHA.
    Our company constructs metal-free products using the kumi-ki method, in which wooden pieces are fitted together with the help of special cutting and polishing techniques.


  • Omotesando Hills Main Building B3F Space O
    Cultural / Commercial Complex

    Omotesando Hills is a unique cultural / commercial complex, emerging as the new face of Omotesando, which has transmitted various trends as the hub of Japanese fashion and culture.
    The six-level atrium (three stories above ground and three underground stories) at the heart of the main building is complemented by the 700m “Spiral Slope” ramp (“the second Omotesando”) spiraling around the atrium space in an incline roughly equal to that of Omotesando. At the center of the atrium space is a grand stairway (from first basement to third basement), leading to a 548㎡ multi-purpose space, called “Space O”, in the third basement which serves as a base for imparting information.
    The exterior wall holds a 250m long LED display called “Bright-Up Wall”, illuminating the nightscape of Omotesando.
    These creative spaces are combined with “selective” stores mainly positioned along the Spiral Slope, “MEDIA SHIP.”, involved corporations, participating artists, and trend-conscious people who gather at Omotesando Hills combine together in order to evolve the complex into a new facility with unparalleled expressive ability. It is the venue for various events related to fashion and art, and continues to generate the latest news.