Plug-in Architects, pia-lab / Ilgin Ezgi TUNC

at World Kita-Aoyama Building

area: 表参道/Omotesando


exhibition dates:Oct 23rd – Nov 3rd
hours:10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
address:3-5-10 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
artwork price : jpy 100,000 – 300,000

The “Ever After” international workshop, organized by Ilgin Ezgi Tunc of Plug-in Architects (Tokyo) was held from August 1-10 over the internet.
The objective was to create prototype items  for exterior social distancing according to the new context of Covid-19.
Three of the eight projects were assembled at full scale and installed during DESIGNART TOKYO 2020.


  • Ilgin Ezgi TUNC

    Architecture office based in Tokyo, but in truth better situated in cyberspace. Someone like the ancient agricultural system of share-cropping, it has evolved into a system of share-crafting. To promote the idea of Plug-in, the Founder Miss Ilgin Ezgi Tunc organizes international workshops executed over the internet under research laboratory of her office so-called pia-lab.








  • WORLD Kita-Aoyama Bldg.

    World, established in 1959 in Kobe as a wholesaler of women’s knitwear, was named as such to represent its aspiration of becoming an enterprise that would advance into a worldwide market. Since then, the company has led the industry with new ideas that have overturned conventional thinking and has grown quickly into a comprehensive apparel manufacturer. In 1993, we launched retail sales and developed brands and operations that targeted diverse sales channels. Responding precisely to the changes in the market environment and the needs of our customers has enabled us to become the leading fashion business company in Japan. In 2017, we transitioned into a holding company system to evolve into the fashion industry’s comprehensive service group. We are also striving to generate new value through “co-creation” while designating the World Kita-Aoyama Building, our base in Tokyo, as a sign and symbol of the World Group’s vision. Through events such as DESIGNART, we will encourage broader participation and co-create a new communication culture within which people feel connected and related to each other.