area: 代官山/Daikanyama



exhibition dates:Oct 27th – Nov 3rd
hours:11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
address:14-18, Daikanyamacho, Shibuya-ku
closing day:(Last admission 7:30 PM) closed on Nov 2nd

As one journeys through the works of Philippe Baudelocque, one will notice
to what tenacious detail the artist reinterprets and alters our conception of the
universe. To a vision of the living that transcends matter and thought, body and
soul; he portrays a cosmos that embraces all facets of being within the same
chalk line. In Baudelocque’s universe, man is no longer the all-powerful master of
nature. He is cut from the same celestial cloth as other species – animal, vegetable,
and mineral – the very fabric of the universe. The heart of every cell pulsates with
the same dynamism and resonance, the same harmonious amplitude, the same
fullness of life. Here we become one with the living beings that surround us. The
earth, the stars and the heavens unfold within and around us.

The beauty of Philippe Baudelocque’s cosmic creatures disturbs us. It urges us to
change our outlook on the cosmic order, to reenchant our notion of the universe
without an appeal to naiveté or sentimentality. Violence and brute force can only
be overcome if they are first recognized as such. This knowledge is implicit in our
myths, and Philippe Baudelocque’s cosmic bestiary echoes that ancient wisdom.

Plethora Magazine is founded by the editor in chief Peter Steffensen and the art director Benjamin Wernery at Copenhagen Denmark in2013,
with the respect and enthusiasm foe traditional printing method of Narayana Press Yoga Ashram, a Hindu temple.
It is beyond the ordinary concept of the magazine and has extremely large format(70×50㎝).
This art magazine is presented in a careful blend of quirky archive material,wondrous art prints and contemporary artist features.