Kyogen Inc. Shoryu Hatoba,Yohji Hatoba at NIESSING TOKYO

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Niessing, a modern German jeweler, is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its Bauhaus roots by collaborating with
traditional Japanese family crest artisans and designers Shoryu and Yohji Hatoba (third- and fourth-generation Kyogen artisans of family crest design and painting). Their designs fuse the circles and lines characteristic of Edo craftsmanship with digital technology, chipping away at everything until only the purest essence remains. This stripping away of all superfluous elements to reveal simple, functional beauty is very similar to that embodied by Niessing and extolled by the Bauhaus. The collaboration features two main works. The first is a 3D trick art designed by the Hatobas to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Niessing Ring. With 551 balls suspended from 147 chains, the words “Niessing Ring” visible from an angle turns into “1979” when rotated 90 degrees. The second is the “NIESSING NOW TATOO REIWA,” a Niessing-Hatoba collaborative creation featuring the traditional Japanese hemp leaf motif. The vigorous hemp has been worshiped as a sacred plant throughout Japan’s history. Hemp leaf patterns are believed to have the power to ward off evil and have been used in charms to guard against misfortune and danger. Though born in different countries and eras, Niessing and Kyogen share an affinity for the same ideal of beauty. Take a look at the artworks created by their collaboration.


  • Kyogen Inc. Shoryu Hatoba,Yohji Hatoba
    Artisan of family crest design and painting

    Shoryu and Yohji Hatoba, Kyogen Inc. are artisan called Kamon-Monsho-uwaeshi who hand-paints family crests from ancient times in Japan on kimono. They has inherited the technique handed down through generations. Since 2010, using the design method that combines the technology from old days and today’s digital technology, they have started activities based on the concept of “family crest as design.” They pursues the delicate expression techniques, bold composition, and the aesthetics of subtraction that Japanese has. Through collaborations with creators of various industries and brands, and works of art, they has transformed the family crest into a design that is in harmony with the modern lifestyle.


    Jewerly shop

    NIESSING is a German modern jewelry maker founded in 1873. Following the creative trends flowing from the German art school Bauhaus, NIESSING has pursued the ultimate in simplicity to imbue its jewelry with sophisticated beauty.
    THE NIESSING RING®, the company’s signature piece featuring a floating diamond, was recognized as a work of art by the German High Court in the year 2000 and is protected by copyright. It has earned a place in the permanent collections of museums in Germany, and other countries.
    NIESSING’s success rests on novel pieces created by skilled master artisans cultivated over the company’s more than 140 years of history.

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