Material ConneXion Tokyo

area: 六本木/Roppongi



“Material Design Exhibition 2018” is an exhibition that manufacturers and designers team up to draw out the new use of materials from designers point of view. This year, which is the 4th year, 6 teams of companies and designers will each showcase a designed materials. The possibility of materials expanded from a designer’s point of view is not only “clues” of expanding the use of materials but also “clues” to solve the viewers problems of their projects, and it also could be “clues” of expanding the possibility of viewers own creativity. We hope this Material Design Exhibition will be a place where “CLUE” will be born for each presentators and viewers.
Exhibition period:Mon., 22nd, Oct. – Fri., 21st, Dec.
*Open from 6:00pm only on Mon. 22nd., Oct.



  • Materials Library

    Material ConneXion is a single dstination that completely revolutionizes the way designers interact with materials. We partner with the most innovative brands in the world, and our team of scientists works across industries, to provide the knowledge and expertise our clients need to make educated material and design decisions. We are equipped to advise on all aspects of a project, from ideation, to manufacturing, to final product.



  • address: AXIS bldg. 4F, 5-17-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo tel: +81-(0)3-6721-1780 hours: 10:00-18:00(Opens 6:00pm-21:00pm on Mon., 22nd, Oct.) close: Fri. 19th, Sat., 20th, Sun., 21st, Oct