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“Black Balloons”, “Life Land”, “Psora”, “Chem Tokens”, “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022”, “Celsius 273”

Lithuania is much more than linen and great nature! While celebrating 100th State anniversary, we bring You top creative minds from New Europe: unique contemporary artists, ingenious folk crafters, cutting-edge design prodigies. Lithuanian art and designs are inspired by folk crafts, pagan culture, Nordic minimalism and urban vibes. Use of natural materials, open mind for innovations, hand-made production brings even more exclusiveness. Exhibiting: Tadao Cern, Jolita Vaitkute, Karolina Petraityte, Lukas Kucinskas, Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022, Celsius 273. Exhibitions, design Pop-Up store, conference and networking, Pink Soup Party – come visit. Update Your image about Lithuania!


  • Lithuania: Creative & Contemporary

    There is more to Lithuania than linen and folk crafts. “Lithuania: Creative and Contemporary” presents contemporary minds, young designers and creative prodigies. Let’s refresh the image of Lithuania via exhibitions, workshops, Pink Soup Party, networking evenings and conference.

  • Tadao Cern

    The installation artist and photographer with an architectural background, Tadao Cern always looks for most conceptual expressions and dives deep into contemporary art field. Tadao observes human habits from an architectural perspective, studies the reasoning behind human actions from an artistic point of view, and experiments with natural behavior boundaries in his creative process. With his series of sculptural installations Black Balloons, Tadao strips everyday objects to their basic concept and reintroduces them as art, creating an interactive experience for spectators.

  • Jolita Vaitkutė

    Jolita Vaitkutė uses food and everyday objects to embody her ideas creating installations, performances, and portrait illustration. Jolita is especially fond of portraying subjects from pop culture and prominent political figures which have had a great impact on the world we live in now. By using simple aesthetics, she ensures easy engagement with the public, while still communicating a deeper meaning. Reflecting the ever-changing modern world, most of her artwork is transient in nature, as it either gets eaten up or destroyed in the process.

  • Lukas Kučinskas

    Lukas Kučinskas is one of the five nominees to win the Young Designer Prize 2018, an annual contest in Lithuania, organized by Vilnius Academy of Arts, encouraging professional development of design students, providing them with an opportunity to present ideas outside the Academy. Lukas’s artwork exhibition celebrates innovative ideas in product design, communication design and fashion design, as the young artist interprets devices for individual dandruff removal and medical cream application. As for his creative objectives, Lukas analyzes human psychology and produces a functional, environment fitting product design.

  • Karolina Petraitytė

    Karolina Petraitytė is the winner of the Young Designer Prize 2018, an annual contest in Lithuania, organized by Vilnius Academy of Arts, a product designer focused on designing educational tools combined with technological innovations. Her winning project Chem Tokens is an innovative learning tool for chemistry class, combining interactive technology as augmented reality with physical experience which schools often lack. The design of the Tokens is based on the basic principles of the periodic table, allowing to easily study the structure of the table and its elements, physically connect and create molecules.

  • Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022

    The second-largest city and the historical center of Lithuanian culture, Kaunas has been designated to be the European Capital of Culture in the year 2022. The city has launched an artistic community programme “from temporary to contemporary”, while actively collaborating with creative talents, curators, galleries and partners for future endeavours. Come and meet representatives at Broadbean showroom as well as other events, learn about their creative objectives set to empower young generation artists and the further advancement of the Kaunas 2022 concept.

  • Celsius 273

    Gerda Liudvinavičiūtė, the founder of CELSIUS 273, is a jewelry artist whose works are an example of interdisciplinarity and conceptualism. The artist got special attention this year for its jewelry inspired by Kaunas modernist architecture, showing the diversity of interdisciplinary perspectives in heritage interpretation. At DESIGNART she represents Kaunas modernist and Tokyo Metabolist architecture synthesis brought in concrete material details. Gerda’s creative research is set to discover sense the impetus of the city, and feel the synthesis of space and human experiences which the city brings together in details.


  • broadbean

    You probably know Lithuania for its linen and traditional products. What You probably don’ know is the raw and contemporary side of Lithuania. During DesignArt, “Lithuania: Creative and Contemporary 2018” presents cutting-edge creative minds from New Europe: top concept artists, ingenious folk crafters, young design prodigies. We are here to refresh and expand the image of Lithuania via exhibitions, workshops, Pink Soup Party, networking and conference. Lithuania is at Your doorstep!

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